10 Quick Tips to Fashion

In today’s society everyone is in a rush, there’s never enough time, and everything is go- go- go, well what we are about to do, because you are a busy person and we know you want to look good and feel good on your busy schedule, we are going to give the 10 quick tips to fashion. Everyone likes tips and maybe you can benefit from these.

1. Keep your outfit simple: you want your outfit to look good on you; you don’t want to look like you went overboard with too many colors, layers or accessories. When it comes to colors try to stick with 3 and add a little pattern in there if you want to mix it up. With accessories stick with a maximum of three pieces, ex: a watch, a necklace and a bracelet, and for layers do not to overdo it, layering can look good when its only 2 pieces.

2. Fitment is Everything: one of the biggest improvements you will make to your wardrobe is the fitment of your attire. The one problem a lot of men seem to have today is they wear their clothes too big because some people either just aren’t comfortable with themselves or they don’t want to pick out the right sizes. Your attire should almost hug the shape of the body. You don’t want the clothing skin tight but you want your clothing to accent your body.

3. Always go shopping with a Friend: when you go shopping for new product to add to your collection bring a friend that will give you an honest opinion and is as fashionable as you. Remember when you go to a store it’s hard to trust salespeople because they are making commission off your purchase so if you don’t have the right person helping they will try to sell you on something that might not look good on you.

4. CASUAL?: When you hear dress casual some will think boring attire. But there is nothing boring about being casual, change the way you see casual. Have fun with your outfit and wear collared shirts instead of tee shirt, add some flair to that casual outing.

5. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!: Never underestimate the details you add to your outfit. Your finishing touches are what will make your outfit and it will be the first thing people notice. Ex: the scarf you choose, the way you tie your tie knot, or a pocket square. Take pride in your details and finishing touches.

6. Invest in a Finer Pair of Shoes: remember this is always a key part of your outfit. Your shoes must constantly look sharp and clean, if there is one thing a woman will notice about you, it’s how good your shoes look. Your shoes will always tell allot. You don’t need to buy a $400 pair of shoes but keeping them looking new and taken care of will make them look like that $400 pair. A lot of men will disregard their shoes don’t be one of those men and make the extra effort.

7. Experiment with fashion: dressing your self is something you can compare to your life. Sometimes you need to come out of that comfort zone and experiment with new items. You won’t know if you like a new style unless you try it. Don’t be afraid to buy new pieces if you see a style that isn’t you but you like it, try it. If the style doesn’t suit you then you made a mistake and life goes on. Too many people don’t express themselves when it comes to fashion and what they like, escape that comfort zone and start expressing.

8. Following trends: in today’s fashion industry you don’t need to follow trends, trends come and go then come back again. Stick to what you like. Experiment with the styles you like. Think twice before you go out and buy something that’s “in right now”. Don’t be that person to hurry and buy what’s ‘IN’ than that piece ends up in your closet collecting dust. Work on a collection that will be useful to you. Build a collection of items that you will always be able to wear and mix together. This should save you allot of money.

9. Develop your Image: if you want to be trendy and fashionable you need to devote more money and time into your image. Meaning you must develop your image. In today’s society your image will play a big role in communication your image is worth caring for as much as your education, relationships and career. Oscar Schoffler, longtime fashion editor of Esquire once said, “Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there’s just a small bit of yourself sticking out at the collar and cuff. The rest of the world sees what you drape on your frame.”

10. Don’t Under dress: it is always better that you overdress than under dress for any occasion. Never overdo it to a great extent, but take some risks and add that little bit more. Just keep two things in mind when it comes to going that extra mile, think about where you’re going and who you’re going to be with and just step it up that extra notch.