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Dressing Tips to Flatter Your Body Shape

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” ~ Sophia Loren

Human brains judge what is seen and within seconds, the first impressions are formed. Undoubtedly, it is one’s appearance that is first perceived. And behind a confident appealing appearance, are the hidden inner beauty, charisma, and charm.

Dressing is all about self-expression. It reflects our thoughts and facilitates our objectives making us more effective. How we look does impact the way we feel and quite conversely, how we feel impacts the way we look.

In an age where fashion is all-consuming, with trends coming and going, there is a whole lot of clothing available in all forms, sizes and shapes. But then, there are a few that strike a chord with our inner persona.

How often are we caught staring at someone, and how often we envy them? It may either be their dress or their footwear or their accessories we are attracted to. And some of us have even end up imitating, adapting those tips.

But at other times, it leaves us upset, the very reason being the difference in our body shape. Style is what you to choose to wear, considering the uniqueness of your body shape.

In the wide variety of clothing, while every piece on its own is visually appealing, it can get a tad tricky when it comes to styling. With a fair amount of honest assessment of your body, knowing your body shape, it is lot easier to know what pieces work best for your shape.

Amongst the broad spectrum of body shapes, most of the women fall into one of the four main categories:

• Apple – thick around the middle
• Pear – larger at the bottom
• Hourglass – curvy but evenly proportioned
• Banana – straight up and down

Quick tip: Being confident in your own skin and dressing well to complement your body type rather than the body we desire is one of the biggest keys to high self-esteem. We need to be innovative, sharp and edgy to find out the right one and ‘fill out’ or ‘slim down’ the areas of our body figure, creating a proportional body shape and curves on all the right places, minimizing any prominent body areas that we are self-conscious about.

For example, a person with a full torso would be self-conscious about their heavy upper body. However, balancing it out with, for example, flare leg jeans or palazzo pants will improve this proportion by making it look less heavy in comparison.

And if your hips are more prominent than the shoulder-line then you need to visually create more width and volume around your bust and shoulder area. Or if you have a straight waist you’re going to have to find clothes that will add more texture and interest to your bust/shoulder and hips area – which helps make your torso look narrower.

Try some of these tips to help you find the most flattering clothes for your shape:

• If you are an apple, with broader shoulders and busts and narrower hips, minimize your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs. Wear flowing dresses instead of tight ensembles. Dresses made of silk or lose cotton with simple design can go well with your shape.

• If you are a pear, hip measurements, greater than the bust measurement, elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half. Wearing vertical striped tops, puff sleeved, bright colored helps.

• If you are an hourglass, curvy with a tiny waist, highlight your curves by emphasizing your waist. Curve-hugging clothing looks amazing on you. Be sure to show off that waist by wearing belts. Wrap-dresses look great too.

• If you are a banana, slim lower body and carry weight around your middle, highlight the thinnest part of your waist so your hips and bust appear larger and more proportional. Create a well-defined waist.


5 Tips to Look Slimmer With the Right Clothes

The perfect size does not suit everyone so working on how to look attractive and slim is one of the hardest things to discover especially to women of the business world. A sleek structure is most desired by all women because any kind of fashion style can be worn when you have a slim body.

It is an essential aspect to remember that exercise and the proper kind of diet are the major contributors to feel good and look sexy. For some individuals, taking fitness classes or going to the gym is a good move but for many who do not want to wait on their desired contour, this kind of task should be set aside.

You should consider that you can actually look sexy and slim by wearing the right kind of clothing. This is often overlooked by several women because they are often misled by what is more important which is exercise and diet. Picking the right fashion style is a third factor to remember when trying to be appealing and attractive to everybody’s eyes.

Here are some tips to remember to look slimmer with the right clothes:

-Vertical striped clothes can make you look fatter so try to avoid them. Instead, wear horizontal stripes tops or clothes which makes your body elongated and can produce a thin image on you. In addition to this, horizontal stripes can make your waistline look flat which provides you with a slimmer body than your original appearance. If you have fats in your belly that needs to be hidden, a dark colored with bright horizontal striped clothes is a good match for your body structure.

-To emphasize a sexier body and to have a quick tummy tuck, you need a shapewear. A shapewear is an inner clothing worn before any tops or dresses. It is an elastic type of clothing which creates a flatter stomach and a smoother shape of your body. It can deceive the naked eye and so it is highly recommended to those who want to look good.

-Don’t buy baggy or too tight clothes as this will interrupt the smooth shape of your body. A common misconception of several individuals is that these types of clothes can hide a few pounds of your weight that is why they keep on purchasing them. A well fitted clothe is suggested because, aside from its comfortability, it provides you with the right body proportion which allows you to shine from the others. Knowing the exact measurement of your body and consulting one of the many fashion specialists can be of great help when wanting to look slimmer and fit.

-Instead of wearing just one type of clothe, try to experiment and layer your tops. In this way, it will hide the unwanted cellulites that protrude when wearing fitted clothing. It is also a good trick to make your shape sexier and creates a flatter stomach in appearance. Jackets and blazers are suggested for most business woman or entrepreneurs who wear fitted clothes underneath to look more professional and sophisticated.

-Purchase bare types of black tops because black is elegant and most especially it gives a perfect illusion of being slim. Black tops can go along with almost all kinds of accessories to give you several options in your fashion sense and at the same time makes you look thinner. Aside from the black color, dark colored tops such as navy blue, chocolate brown or grey can also make your structure look slim.

-Do not wear flat shoes. Always purchase footwear with heels because this heightens up your body structure. Higher heels make you thinner so go for those stilettos. It adds height to your legs and lower extremities which makes you as if you’re like a model in the runway.


Plus Size Sexy Fashion Tips And Tricks

There are ladies who hold the belief that because they are plus-sized they will not be able to dress attractively. Quite simply, this is not true. A woman may be attractive at any size, but at the same time, unfortunately, she can look like a tramp at any size also. There are simple rules to stay on the right side of the divide between slutty and sexy, luckily that division is quite clear.

Wondering how you can dress sexy? You don’t have to look like the movie stars or have a “perfect body” to be sexy. An attitude and a certain confidence about you is sexy. It’s in the way women walks, talks and handles herself every day. Less is more when it comes to showing off skin. We have some tips here that will guide you on becoming and feeling sexier.

An inner sense of being sexy shows on the outside. This idea may seem basic, but it is true. When you feel sexy, your body naturally displays your feelings. For this reason, if you want to dress sexy, wear clothes that make you feel sexy. Consider your attitude a fashion accessory. Try clothes with lace where you don’t expect it, such as in the folds of an A-line skirt or under the bust of a fitted blouse. Blouses with lace sleeves or lace lining the shirt tail can show just a glimpse of skin.

Black is thought of as “the sexy color,” but other colors can be very sexy, too. There’s a whole world of other colors out there vying for your attention. Pink, all those shades of blue, pastels, and even neutral tones can be really sexy if you use them effectively. Embellishments like beaded accents can also help your sexy, fashionable cause.

You can look sexy and still be modest and nicely dressed. If you are wearing a dress, make sure the skirt is just above the knee. This is the length that looks most flattering on every woman anyway. A sleeveless dress is fine also. Straps or even a tank dress look more casual and sexier. A shawl or shrug can be worn if you don’t like showing your bare arms. The most important thing about dressing sexy and classic as well is to make sure the dress fits your body shape. Pants that are molded to you will not make you look more alluring. Clothes that are too tight will only make you look larger and show every flaw on your body. If you want too look classically sexy, you have to be comfortable in your clothes and feel that you can move freely.

The proper shoe can add that certain something special to any outfit. With a hot outfit, even wide width shes can look wonderful, if they are the right ones. A bit of heel is often considered attractive, but that rule isn’t always true. Dressy shoes for a nice dress or cute sandals with beads for a hot summer dress will let you have that timeless sexy look that you’re looking for.


How to Choose the Best Accessories for Yourself

It is rightly said that a woman’s attire cannot possibly be complete with the right accessories. In fact, the accessories you choose can completely make or break your look, regardless of the quality of your outfit. A very simple dress can look amazing with the right accessories and a great dress may lose its charm if you choose the wrong items to complement it. Getting your accessories right, therefore, is more important than you think it is. Here are some tips you can use when buying different kinds of items to go with your dresses.

The first rule you must apply when going for any accessory is to consider its color. Believe it or not, the color comes before the design of an item itself. This year, for example, color blocking is becoming very popular. This means that several people are buying accessories in bright colors like yellow and red. Therefore, when buying things, make sure you are looking at the colors that go with the current fashion trends. Also, these colors must complement your dress. For example, a yellow wrist band will only look amazing with dull colored clothes. Similarly, bright colored hair accessories will only look good if they are the same color as your dress. Pairing up bright colors will just be a disaster.

Another rule that goes with all accessories is making the embellishment limited. When choosing jewelry with a dress, for example, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing it. If your dress is already embellished, make sure you go for simpler jewelry. You should also avoid bright hair accessories in such cases. For very simple dresses, don’t be afraid to choose hair accessories in bright colors. The key is to make sure that the embellishment is balanced and that you don’t end up looking overdressed.

The third rule applies to the kind of accessories you should buy according to your personality. Remember that following the latest fashion trends may not always be a great idea. This is because if a certain style does not suit you, there is no point in adopting it. Therefore, make sure that you always go for something that suits you. If you feel that large bracelets do not suit your usually simple attire, go for more decent accessories. Similarly, if you do not feel comfortable wearing bright colored hair accessories, go for rustic colors. This is because following the latest trends means nothing if you cannot feel comfortable in it. This means that you will not be able to hold yourself confidently and, believe it or not, the way you carry yourself is what will eventually make or break your personality.