Essential Tips to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Fashion is all about renovating. Trends evolve in ways that often leave fashionistas wondering if they’ll ever make it to the endless cycle of dressing to keep up with the times, and appropriately.

If you are a style enthusiast who wants to be updated with the latest, you do not want to be caught wearing accessories that were a hit in the 90s.

Are you one of the many average men and women who neither have access to the best finds nor work in the fashion industry (but hoping to)? Here are some ideas that may help you choose the best outfit and be in style, any season of the year:

Read, watch, familiarize.

It’s essential that you know first-hand how to spot the trendiest. Simply looking at what the stores offer does help, but you obtain better information by reading fashion magazines, visiting blogs and watching television shows that focus on the up-to-the-minute news on what’s chic and what’s not. If you can, visit fashion shows and galleries showcasing the best the industry has to offer.

Go by the “Mix and match” rule of thumb.

If you are like most people, you want to get a bit creative and not simply be a “fashion slave”. If a great designer top that has just been out catches your fancy, get it and match it with your basic pair of jeans. Match it with accessories that highlight your getup. When doing this, make sure you neither underdress nor go over the top. Dress your age too.

Got clothing that has gone “out of style”? Don’t throw them away.

To reiterate, style evolves. You may notice that even couture pieces have striking resemblance to the former hot stuff in the fashion market. If you are clearing out your closet and getting rid of unwanted clothes to make room for up-to-date clothing, make sure you keep some. The popularity of skinny jeans, for example, periodically come and go. Your pair of basic jeans need not be thrown away, either.

Get inspiration from the pros.

You just can’t help but notice how some people simply carry themselves with such sophistication or glamor. No matter how you want to simply be yourself, it helps to have people in the fashion industry to look up to. Models and celebrities are your best source for knowing what’s hot and what’s not. Look at what they are wearing and determine what may look good on you.


How to Dress Like a Classy Cougar Woman

If you are a cougar woman you may want to dress in a certain way to attract younger men. There is a common misconception that all cougar women should go for the mutton dressed as lamb look, flashing all of their flesh, squeezing their breasts together and plastering make up all over their face, to create a look that could rival even the most outrageous make up counter girls.

The fact is that young guys will prefer it if you dress your age – sexy, but sophisticated. After all they would be with a younger girl if they wanted to. Sure you can show off your best assets, but not all at once and only if you have the figure for it. So here are some tips to help you dress seductively, whilst remaining one classy cougar.

1. Wear natural make up – It is a good thing to use make up to enhance what you already have, but keep it natural. Piling on tons of brightly colored make up will only make you look like a transvestite.

2. Show ONE sexy area – The kind of cougar women that guys are more likely to laugh at than hook up with are the ones flashing the most skin. I know you are probably fit and gorgeous, but this is a rule even young women should stick to. Flash either your legs, cleavage, back or midriff and to be honest ladies, unless you’re on the beach try to avoid the midriff. Do not show all these bits off at once, or you will look like a tramp. Show off a bit of flesh to get the cub’s attention, but leave the rest to the imagination.

3. Draw attention to that sexy area – Once you have decided which bit to show off (the best bit obviously) subtly draw attention to it. A pretty necklace will draw the eyes to your chest, a good fake tan (not orange!) can show off long legs and a sexy back.

4. Choose colors that work with your skin tone – Stand in front of the mirror and try on a few different colored clothes. You will soon see which colors make you look healthy and glowing and which make you look a bit ill.

5. Wear sexy underwear – Sure your chosen cub won’t see it (unless you want him to), but sexy undies, ideally with a bit of support or a boost, will make you feel more confident and just as gorgeous as all those young things at the bar.

6. Wear high heels – A fantastic pair of shoes will make you stand tall and feel more confident and sexy, plus they will make your bum look great and so much tighter. What a great excuse to go shopping!

7. Smile! – Wearing a smile is the most important accessory for any classy cougar. Not only will you feel better when you smile, but guys will see you as more approachable. A smile shows a woman who likes to have fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.


3 Simple Shopping Tips To Always Looking Your Best

I’m not sure if it is a woman thing, if it is a vain thing, if it’s a confidence thing or if it’s a hating our bodies thing; but, when you go to a store to find a new outfit do you bring several sizes in the dressing room with you to try one? Most people only bring their size and if it does not fit or look right or as good as it did on the mannequin they get upset and angry with themselves. Truth be told if you brought several different outfits in your size into the dressing room and none of them fit, it can ruin your whole afternoon, day, week and even year depending your level of disappointment and frustration with yourself.

As a woman, I have been there and I understand this but as a Stylists you just shop differently with a new perspective. Certain designers cuts can be really, really different. One designers size six could be another designers size ten, vice versa and lots of variations in-between. So when I am shopping with a client, I always tell them it is not about the size on the label, it is about how you feel, how you look in a particular outfit that matters. I always grab a minimum of three sizes sometimes four sizes and bring them into the dressing room to try on. Start with the your size and then grab one size smaller and one or two sizes larger depending on the cut of the item. In order to look your best, often your best friend will be a really good tailor.

Which would you prefer to do? Squeeze yourself into a size six dress and look like you are a size ten or buy a size ten and look like you are a size six?

Here are three simple shopping tips to always looking your best. First, choose good quality clothes that can be a staple in your wardrobe and you can continually add to. (For example: dress pants, pencil skirts, and dresses in solid neutral colors).

Second, do not follow the trends of today. Find clothes that look good on you, on your body and choose accessories on trend not the other way around (or you will have a closet full or neon and parachute pants and you will be stuck in an area. Yes everything comes back around but by then it will need a serious facelift and in the meantime you will look seriously dated and just wrong).

Lastly, what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as your clothes. Investing in the right bra so that the girls sit up and are in the right place will make your shirts, blouses, dresses and jackets all look completely different. And, the best part is can make you look pounds lighter. Wearing the correct undies for your body type is important as well because you don’t want to be hanging out and hanging over every where. Panty lines are not attractive and neither is someone wearing a thong where everything giggles. A fantastic secret that should be part of every ladies arsenal are shapers, you know “Spanks baby”. There are all kinds with different levels of support and they should absolutely be worn on a daily basis. They make a tremendous difference in how polished you come across. And, lets face it, nothing like a shaper to help your posture, keep your shoulders back and stomach tucked in. You just feel more confident when you know you look your best and you have made your best effort.

These are the basics to shopping and creating a fabulous wardrobe that will sustain you for years to come, so have fun with it.


Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today’s metrosexual, cosmopolitan and fashion forward man would have no qualms in admitting that what is equally important to him as his manly image is being stylish. He wants to be updated with what’s latest in fashion, what’s hot and not. So here’s a chance for the men folk to spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, colors and style all at once. Read on as we take you on a fashion tour to enlighten you of the top 10 fashion and style tips for men.

1. Suit up! Nail the Coat & Tie Look. This gentlemen’s look is perfect for another office day, and coupled with right trousers, crisp shirt with cufflinks, even more perfect for a day full of business meetings.

2. The ripped denims with tee look can never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to play around with the look a little bit, wear slippers in funky colors and a square-shaped scarf tied around in style!

3. Color is not just meant to be a little something we see splashed around in a woman’s closet. Now men can play with it too. Be it coats, jackets, shirts or pants, go for colors like red, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow etc. But yes, running around the trees looking like a goon is not on the agenda. Match colors properly with classic dark shades!

4. Make people notice that whenever you enter a room, you come with a bag. There are several options available in colors, designs, cuts and styles when it comes to men’s bags. Briefcases, duffle bags, laptop bags, sling bags, backpacks… phewww!!! The list is endless.

5. A man is known by the shoes he wears. Wear well fitted, polished and good-looking shoes whatever be the occasion. There’s nothing more that suits a man than formal shoes. There are a range of brands that offer formal shoes. Apart from that, there a plethora of options in sports shoes, sneakers, sandals,boots etc.

6. A good smelling man is the most attractive man in the world. Every man has his own signature fragrance and make sure you know yours and leave behind a trail of fresh air as you walk into a room.

7. Accessorize it right! If a man know how to get his watch, sunglasses, belt, tie, cufflinks, wallet etc. right, then the look is right. Of course you have to know how much is too much. If you want to wear it all at once, you can look stylish only if you mix and match well. So it’s better to keep it understated!

8. For the fall season, tie a scarf around and keep away the harsh winds away while you look oh-so-good. Scarves work well for both the casual and formal when tied up and teamed properly. Avoid flashy colors.

9. Men’s jewelry has been doing the rounds in the fashion circuit for a while now and refuses to leave. The daring man of today is completely secure of his masculinity, so the occasional earrings, bracelets, rings, chains etc. happens.

10. Traditional wear on men looks undoubtedly sexy. Try brands like Fab India, Yell, Earthy Hues and more for that handsome ethnic look.


10 Quick Tips to Fashion

In today’s society everyone is in a rush, there’s never enough time, and everything is go- go- go, well what we are about to do, because you are a busy person and we know you want to look good and feel good on your busy schedule, we are going to give the 10 quick tips to fashion. Everyone likes tips and maybe you can benefit from these.

1. Keep your outfit simple: you want your outfit to look good on you; you don’t want to look like you went overboard with too many colors, layers or accessories. When it comes to colors try to stick with 3 and add a little pattern in there if you want to mix it up. With accessories stick with a maximum of three pieces, ex: a watch, a necklace and a bracelet, and for layers do not to overdo it, layering can look good when its only 2 pieces.

2. Fitment is Everything: one of the biggest improvements you will make to your wardrobe is the fitment of your attire. The one problem a lot of men seem to have today is they wear their clothes too big because some people either just aren’t comfortable with themselves or they don’t want to pick out the right sizes. Your attire should almost hug the shape of the body. You don’t want the clothing skin tight but you want your clothing to accent your body.

3. Always go shopping with a Friend: when you go shopping for new product to add to your collection bring a friend that will give you an honest opinion and is as fashionable as you. Remember when you go to a store it’s hard to trust salespeople because they are making commission off your purchase so if you don’t have the right person helping they will try to sell you on something that might not look good on you.

4. CASUAL?: When you hear dress casual some will think boring attire. But there is nothing boring about being casual, change the way you see casual. Have fun with your outfit and wear collared shirts instead of tee shirt, add some flair to that casual outing.

5. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!: Never underestimate the details you add to your outfit. Your finishing touches are what will make your outfit and it will be the first thing people notice. Ex: the scarf you choose, the way you tie your tie knot, or a pocket square. Take pride in your details and finishing touches.

6. Invest in a Finer Pair of Shoes: remember this is always a key part of your outfit. Your shoes must constantly look sharp and clean, if there is one thing a woman will notice about you, it’s how good your shoes look. Your shoes will always tell allot. You don’t need to buy a $400 pair of shoes but keeping them looking new and taken care of will make them look like that $400 pair. A lot of men will disregard their shoes don’t be one of those men and make the extra effort.

7. Experiment with fashion: dressing your self is something you can compare to your life. Sometimes you need to come out of that comfort zone and experiment with new items. You won’t know if you like a new style unless you try it. Don’t be afraid to buy new pieces if you see a style that isn’t you but you like it, try it. If the style doesn’t suit you then you made a mistake and life goes on. Too many people don’t express themselves when it comes to fashion and what they like, escape that comfort zone and start expressing.

8. Following trends: in today’s fashion industry you don’t need to follow trends, trends come and go then come back again. Stick to what you like. Experiment with the styles you like. Think twice before you go out and buy something that’s “in right now”. Don’t be that person to hurry and buy what’s ‘IN’ than that piece ends up in your closet collecting dust. Work on a collection that will be useful to you. Build a collection of items that you will always be able to wear and mix together. This should save you allot of money.

9. Develop your Image: if you want to be trendy and fashionable you need to devote more money and time into your image. Meaning you must develop your image. In today’s society your image will play a big role in communication your image is worth caring for as much as your education, relationships and career. Oscar Schoffler, longtime fashion editor of Esquire once said, “Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there’s just a small bit of yourself sticking out at the collar and cuff. The rest of the world sees what you drape on your frame.”

10. Don’t Under dress: it is always better that you overdress than under dress for any occasion. Never overdo it to a great extent, but take some risks and add that little bit more. Just keep two things in mind when it comes to going that extra mile, think about where you’re going and who you’re going to be with and just step it up that extra notch.


Creating Personalized T-Shirts

Personalized-TshirtI guess it is safe to say that 99.9% of our population owns a pair of t-shirts. Who wouldn’t? It is no fuss, comfortable, easy to wear and it does the job perfectly. T-shirts are not just for commoners as even some of the most powerful men in the world wears this on a daily basis, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg just to name a few.

From just being a plain colored garment, it evolved and has already become a part of our culture. It is now used by people to express themselves. Different companies now offer different styles and prints from which you can choose from. But if you do not have the money to buy one, you can always do one for yourself. Rocking a T-shirt with style doesn’t need to be expensive, here are some DIY tips you could try that will surely bring out that fashionista in you.

Create your own prints

If you are bored with those plainly colored shirts, then time to bring out the Picasso in you. Once you have decided on a design, you can try different techniques to transfer it on to your shirt such as silk screen printing, free hand painting, air brushing, and stenciling. If these techniques are not really your forte, then there are easier ways to create a design such as bleaching, stamping and iron-on wherein for the latter you just have to print a design from your computer, stamp or iron onto your shirt and presto – instant artwork.

Cut, Cut and away

Bring out those scissors and change the look of your shirt. You can cut parts and pieces of your shirt to create something different like cutting the sleeves to create a tank top or cutting off the top part to create that off shoulder look. You can even cut slits at the back and sides to give the world a slight glimpse of that sexy curves. You can also draw designs and then cut it off to create that 3D effect on your shirt.

Mix, match and accessorize

Have those old shirts lying around? Do not throw them away and put them back into good use again. Create a new shirt by combining these old ones. If you have those old laced shirt, cut a portion of it and sew this new portion onto another shirt. Create ribbons from your old floral shirt and set it as an accent for your new one. You can also add different things like beads, studs and even safety pins to accessorize your shirt and give them a new a life. Once done, the result would be astonishing.

As an individual with custom t-shirt on can uplift the identity in the crowd, crowd around the person wearing custom t-shirts will start admiring the design and message being printed and they infact get influence to it; like if a person is from some company, or attended an event or is a volunteer and so on.

Some of the personal usage of customized t-shirts is:

You can print your friend and family photo onto your t-shirt to celebrate an event. For eg: printing family group photo on t-shirt and distributing amongst the family or the whole family can print simply ‘Thank you Grandma for being with us’ at her birthday party creates an emotional environment at Grandma’s birthday party.

Families and friend can design a custom t-shirt when a group of 15-20 are travelling together so that the member of the group can be spotted from distance so that the group can be kept intact at all time

Some of the corporate usages are:

There are various usages in corporate world;

One of the most common usage is to have various department or various groups in the organisation to wear different color and design of custom t-shirts to reflect identity.

Secondly, corporate give away free custom t-shirts advertising their product or launch of new product which becomes a free mobile advertisement to promote product through custom t-shirt

Thirdly, on celebration of 10 years in business and achieve Inc500 criteria, company can make a beautiful t-shirt and celebrate the party where everyone enjoys and are appreciated for being the part of this achievements.

Its even easy these days to design your own custom personalized t-shirts online offered by various provider where anyone can select the quality of t-shirt, style, graphics to print or embroidery and the text to put on, generally it takes few minutes to go through the steps and customize the t-shirt and place the order online.