Simple Tips When Wearing Strapless Tops

    • Because the focus of this piece of garment is the top part of your body, it’s best to keep your shoulders in tip-top shape. Yes, pun intended. Doing a few shoulder exercises will ensure that you’ll have an awesome silhouette for your top. A very popular form of exercise is the shoulder press which targets not just your shoulders but also your back. Of course, consult your doctor or trainer before doing any exercises.
  • Practical Tips
  • For some women wearing strapless tops can be a very daunting thought simply because they feel like they are baring too much skin. As a result, they feel very self-conscious and end up being lazy about their fashion choices, resorting to safe fashion options such as wearing a t-shirt or putting on a cardigan to cover up their shoulders. But with these simple suggestions and ideas they will not just have the confidence to wear these seemingly daunting fashion items, but expand their fashion repertoire as well.
  • And when wearing something that shows off your underarm, what can be more practical than shaving your underarm hair? There are so many waxing treatments available nowadays, most of them even painless ones that you simply have no excuse why you should be having unwanted hair.
  • Styling Tips
    • You know that saying, “You can never have too much glitter?” Well that is also true when it comes to wearing strapless tops. Body shimmer in powder or cream form can add that needed oomph to your look. Just wait until the light hits you and the magic begins. Make sure that it’s hypoallergenic so that you don’t end up with red spots all over your back and shoulders.
    • In terms of jewelry, putting on a necklace would be the most obvious choice. Simply because it shows off the shoulder perfectly. However, long drop earrings or strand earrings can be a very subtle yet sexy way to accessorize your strapless tops as well. The reason being it draws an invisible line from your jaw line down to your neck, which is considered one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body.
  • If you must, use fashion tape which functions like a double-sided tape that sticks your clothes to your skin. This way you won’t have to worry about having any wardrobe malfunction when you’re out dancing or when you’re at the beach. Because everything stays in place, your mind is just focused on looking great.